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EDIT (Dec 21): This was originally dedicated to Sassy. Now... I don't know.

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So, I went to BJ's tonight. The service had two forks an a knife. No spoon.

When I was a kid, I always used to play with the silverware... Spoon was a girl, fork was a good guy who loved her, and the knife was the bad guy. He'd always trick her into being with him and the fork would have to save her. The fork and the knife always fought.

Tonight, I had no spoon. I had two forks. This is perfectly normal in restaurants, so why I thought what I thought I have no idea.

These thoughts crossed my mind before I had any real conscious control over them:

"No spoon- so where's the girl? I guess they're gay forks. It's like a Brokeback Mountain for forks..."

And then I was like "What the hell did I just think?!" And started cracking up. Everyone at the table was like, "What's so funny?"
And I replied, "I have two forks."
Why don't I go make something out of myself?
Well see, I was talking to my friend Karissa, explaining to her my utter love for the character Dilandau from Escaflowne, when I suddenly realized...

I seem to be smitten with psychopathic bishies. O_O

You see, I also love Gaara from Naruto and Faust VIII from Shaman King. I also have an original character named Mr. Jatho who isn't necessarily all together either...

So... so... augh! I love insane freaks!!! (...fictional ones...)

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You know that stressful feeling you get when you have a thirty page paper due in seven hours, and you haven't even started?
That amazing sense of pressure. That blissful state of motivation. Action. Motion. Movement. Purpose. I love it. I love it so much.


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Well. I just woke up. My parents must be still asleep. It's 10:24. Odd...

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It's a new journal!

So um, last night I told the most kick-ass joke ever. Like... EVER. It was kick-ass.

And then, um, I think I'm getting sick... TT_TT

And I finished my driver's ed!!! I still have to take the test at the DMV, though.

DUDE- My cat was chasing his tail last night!!!!!!!!!! It was in-freaking-sane! And hilarious.

Im'a working on a play/ maybe musical! It's called Pandora. It also Kicks-Ass.

So, last week I went to Illinois to visit my Dad's side of the family.

For presents, I painted portraits.
I painted my cousin Stephanie.
I also painted my Gramma Shoo-shoo (way better than the painting of Steph, I have to get it scaaaanned!!! I'll email Steph...)

I sketched Anna-marie and Uncle Sean with Aunt Melanie and baby Ava (pr: Ay-vah). I still have to paint those. :P

<_< I'm laaaazy... I still have to finish driver's ed. And my physics project... I should start that. >_>... Yeeeah...

So, it's turned out like this:
I return to school on Monday, only to find that he's already transferred me out of the class. Jerk.
But I've chosen to be in Drama. Who~a.
So, I'm having lots of fun in that class. Yaaaay.
Dude, I have a giant research paper approaching... I must find an awesome topic...

...and my cat is a whiny baby. It breaks my heart... and annoys me.