Well. I just woke up. My parents must be still asleep. It's 10:24. Odd...

Some lady called me this morning. She sounded nice. I don't know her.
But that's why I'm up.

I came to scan in a doodle to show I'm alive. But I left it in my room.
I'll get it. In a moment.

For now...
I'm eating candied walnuts. They taste sweet.

My cat followed me. But then he lost interest.

I watched Sweeney Todd last night. For the first time at home. Not in the theatre.
It was splendid.

I like Psychology.

My cat just jumped on the couch. Hi Love. What do you-- hey. No. No candied nuts for you. I thought I fed you already.

I have to pee.
And after that-
I should scan in my Snapey goodness.

And probably start doing my homework.

That works.