EDIT (Dec 21): This was originally dedicated to Sassy. Now... I don't know.

Don't generalize me
Label me
Box me up with your
Pathetic expectations

As soon as you
Define me
Classify me
Group me with "all the others"

I become a "thing"
Not a person
Not a personality
Just another expectation

She always does this
She would never say that
That's just who she is
Let me describe her

To Label me
Is to Kill me
Make me your toy
Lose all consideration

I'm not just a woman
Not just a girl
Not just a human
I'm not a thing

Don't close your mind off
To the possibilities
and Inconsistencies of life

Do you really want to
Kill me, your friends
Your family

Don't lose appreciation
And fall victim to your own expectations
Don't blind yourself
Fucking live.