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Tomorrow is school. Which means period 4. Which means belonging but not but I-don't-know HELL.

You see, period 4 is Vocal Ensemble: Cantera (or something like that) Camerata. I tried out to be there. He said I was good enough. Then he said the class was full. And now I wonder why he even tried me out. Or why I'm still going to the class. Or why he asked to talk to me on Monday. Is he going to confirm that I'm simply not in the class because he's afraid the other parents will crucify him and gouge out his eyes... "bedlam"? Or is there a legit reason that I can't be in it? Is he going to reassess how "qualified" I am? He said I was good enough, just that there were "political" problems.

I think I shall die of confusion. What the hell?! Is that class full or is he spineless? Oh, its "only a year"... DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG THAT IS FOR ME?! I'm 15... a year is like, a VERY LONG TIME for me. And it happens to be my Junior year. I do NOT want to waste my high school life. I only get it once.

These are the thoughts clawing at my brain right now.
I update at last! I don't know if this livejournal is anything special, but it's here, and that's a start.

My deviantart profile is ~sweetgingersnap if anyone cares to view the art there, as is my fanfiction- sweetgingersnap.

My website is http://mangamesh.proboards39.com . I don't have much going on.

School. Yum. White chocolate-dipped strawberries: the essence of life